16/12/2019 - Certificate of merit for scientific research in 2019 @ UNIMORE

UNIMORE awarded more than 70 students and researchers with a certificate of merit for having distinguished themselves in national and international scientific research in 2019. I am proud to be one of them! .

29/09/2019 - The paper on Spaghetti Labeling has been accepted at Transactions on Image Processing!

Our paper "Spaghetti Labeling: Directed Acyclic Graphs for Block-Based Connected Components Labeling" has been accepted at "IEEE Transactions on Image Processing - TIP". See the paper and the source code on GitHub.

04/09/2019 - Best Paper Award at CAIP 2019

Our paper "How does Connected Components Labeling with Decision Trees perform on GPUs?" has been awarded as the best paper of the "18th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns" . See the paper and the GitHub repository with the source code.

31/08/2019 - Third Place at the 2019 ISIC Challenge

Our research team, together with the PRHLT group from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, came third (out of 64 research groups) in the international competition on skin lesion classification (ISIC 2019). See the online leaderboard.

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