Federico Bolelli is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy, where he works under the supervision of Prof. Costantino Grana within the AImagelab research group.

From the same University, he received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees cum laude in Computer Engineering at the Department of Engineering "Enzo Ferrari" and the PhD degree in ICT from the International Doctorate School.

His research interests include image processing, algorithms optimization, medical imaging and historical document analysis. Among his research topics, he has worked on the optimization of binary image processing algorithms, modelling innovative approaches that significantly improve the performance on both CPU and GPU architectures. He has also worked on skin lesion segmentation and classification for melanoma skin cancer detection and handwritten text recognition of historical documents.

Since 2019, he is working at the DeepHealth H2020 European Project where, among others, he is responsible for the developing of the European Computer Vision Library (ECVL).

He is a member of IEEE and CVPL, the Italian Association for Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning.


11/10/2020 - 4 Papers Accepted for Publication @ ICPR 2020

Papers "Confidence Calibration for Deep Renal Biopsy Immunofluorescence Images Classification", "A Heuristic-Based Decision Tree for Connected Components Labeling of 3D Volumes", "Supporting Skin Lesion Diagnosis with Content-Based Image Retrieval", and "The DeepHealth Toolkit: a Unified Framework to Boost Biomedical Applications" have been accepted for publication @ ICPR 2020

30/06/2020 - Hardware funded by UNIMORE under FAR 2020, call for equipment

Our research group received a 20,000.00 € grant under UNIMORE FAR 2020 (University Fund for Research - Fondo di Ateneo per la Ricerca), call for equipment. Also thanks to the financial contribution of Prof. Giovanni Pellacani, Prof. Riccardo Magistroni, and Dr. Alexandre Anesi research teams, we will equip our lab with a new server system (~162 TFLOPS) to train AI models for Medical Imaging.

03/04/2020 - Project funded in the "High Skills for Research and Technological Transfer" call

Our research project "Automated detection of the Inferior Alveolar nerve Canal (IAC) in Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) using deep-learning techniques" has been selected by Emilia Romagna region in the call "Alte Competenze per la Ricerca e il Trasferimento Tecnologico" (High Skills for Research and Technological Transfer). Together with the team of Prof. Alexandre Anesi, our research group will receive a 30,000.00 € grant for a fellow position.

16/12/2019 - Certificate of merit for scientific research in 2019 @ UNIMORE

UNIMORE awarded more than 70 students and researchers with a certificate of merit for having distinguished themselves in national and international scientific research in 2019. I am proud to be one of them! .

29/09/2019 - The paper on Spaghetti Labeling has been accepted at Transactions on Image Processing!

Our paper "Spaghetti Labeling: Directed Acyclic Graphs for Block-Based Connected Components Labeling" has been accepted at "IEEE Transactions on Image Processing - TIP". See the paper and the source code on GitHub.

04/09/2019 - Best Paper Award at CAIP 2019

Our paper "How does Connected Components Labeling with Decision Trees perform on GPUs?" has been awarded as the best paper of the "18th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns" . See the paper and the GitHub repository with the source code.

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Dott. Federico Bolelli, PhD
Department of Engineering "Enzo Ferrari"
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Via P. Vivarelli 10
41125 Modena (MO), Italy
Building 27, Ground Floor, "Laboratorio Zero"

Email: federico _DOT_ bolelli _AT_ unimore _DOT_ it
Phone: +39 059 205 8787

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